Established with a motto HYGIENE FOR ALL - ALL FOR HYGIENE. At PALMIST, we bring to you a thoughtful design that not only fits your pocket but also your budget. Functionality and formulation of the product is crafted in such a way that it ensures optimum usage for customer satisfaction.

Affordable luxury and convenient hygiene is considered a myth and a metaphor and we have tried our best to make the product easily accessible to the general population by making it available in pocket friendly packaging while not compromising our quality and efficiency.



Our mission is to make hygiene a matter of convenience rather than a hassle. With innovative and convenient packaging and regular Quality Checks, we ensure the best to be delivered at every step.



We understand the importance of assurance when it comes to consumer satisfaction. We are certified manufacturers by the Ministry Of Ayush. Our products are in compliance with FDA, CE, WHO-GMP, ISO norms.
Therefore, promising a quality product to our valued consumers. We make hygiene products comprising premium quality hand sanitizers, hand washes, body mists and other daily skincare essentials. Our company has a Global presence in major capitals around the globe.

We are open to OEM/ Private Labelling amongst all SKU’s.


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