Hand Soap Gel


Things you need to know

The perfect defender for your home, the palmist hand gel rejuvenates and moisturizes your palms while killing 99.9% germs. 

With fragrances such as Soldate, Bleu Purifier, and Signature and a span of 36 months, this product is also composed of handpicked natural and herbal ingredients such as Neem, Aloe vera, Tulsi, Spearmint and citrus from Lemon. 


  1. At houses near the wash-basin area,

  2. At restaurants and hotels.


Hand Soap Spray


Things you need to know

Understandable that public washrooms are unhygienic. So unhygienic that even sanitizers can be unsuccessful in making yourself feel tidy. The portable, economic and convenient hand soap spray, with an approximate count of 250 sprays per 18 ml card-bottle (as per customers’ feedback), is believed to contribute a simpler way for a healthy and a sanitized life. 

With its spraying technology and fragrances like Soldate, Bleu Purifier, and Signature, the soap spray is the perfect alternative to paper soaps and is efficient in killing 99.9% germs in an instant. 


  1. Personal hygiene uses,

  2. The soap spray is designed to take care of 90’s people as they believe less in sanitizers. 

Note: No artificial colours but contains natural herbs.



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