Alcohol Free Sandalwood Pooja Perfume Spray 100 ml

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Pooja Perfume Spray Fragrance Long Lasting Perfume for Worship; Sandalwood/Chandan 100ml


Alcohol Free Pooja Perfume Spray 100 ml Pleasing Fragrance Long Lasting Perfume for Worship Sandalwood/Chandan

Best Alcohol-Free Sandalwood Pooja Perfume Spray 100 ml Palmist premium Perfume for Worship is a long-lasting scent in an alcohol free pooja perfume spray that is made especially for use in your daily rituals. These lightly aromatic liquid sprays are made without any use of alcohol. The Palmist prime worship perfume mist is a perfect choice for customers to create a spiritually fit ambiance and experience an instant freshness. This aroma is thought of for upgrading your worship experience and hence, contains no traces of alcohol.

To enhance your positivity and religious experience you need a fresh mind. These Alcohol Free Sandalwood Pooja Pooja Perfume Spray are available in different natural scents and fragrances. It is purely made out of natural plant extracts such as Tulsi, aloe vera, brace, and other flower extracts. They are relatively economic in price in comparison to other brand products and provide freshness with a captivating aroma. This gives you the comfort of carrying it without the hassle and calms your senses. Do not give out any fumes like incense sticks.

EASY TO CARRY: These worship perfume mist sprays come in handy packaging that contains 100ml of the scented product.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY: As it is convenient to carry. It fits perfectly into the travel size package of essentials.

POCKET SIZE: This easily fits into the standard pockets of bags and clothing of the customers.

PROVIDES INSTANT AROMA: This premium perfume is created with aromatic natural plant extracts and provides instant freshness with 100% natural fragrance.


NATURAL PERFUME: It is made by using natural plant aromas

NO ALCOHOL: This has no alcohol that makes it fit for use before worship

DOES NOT STAIN: Unlike oil formulated attar or scented essential oil, it does not leave any stain on the clothes. It is a good replacement for traditional ittar.

Benefits of Palmist Pooja Mist

Natural Perfume

All the scents used in this mist are extracted from the natural plant products such as Chandan/sandalwood.

Long Lasting Perfume for Worship

This perfume made for your pious worship rituals has a long-lasting effect

Provides calming freshness

The natural scents used in this pooja mist give peace and create a soothing environment for you to carry out your daily worship.

Portable and Travel-friendly

The packaging of the product is small and durable. Which makes it easy to take along for travel as it fits into small spaces.

Affordable Price

Our perfume for worship mist/spray is made available at low rates to provide people a peaceful experience while worshipping at home or in the temple.

No Alcohol

As alcohols are not considered auspicious by some religions. Therefore, the Alcohol-Free Pooja Perfume Spray can be used before going for worship.


The fragrance of Sandalwood/Chandan is a soothing and classic fragrance that is used in some kinds of perfumes and aromatizing oils. The fragrance is naturally calming and is often used for worship purposes.

Feature of Palmist Pooja Mist

Available in classic fragrances

These pooja perfumes or made for worship mists are available in different classic fragrances, which are purely made up of naturally scented plant extracts.

Calming Smells

The Palmist Alcohol Free Pooja Perfume Spray is infused with the calming smell of roses which creates a peaceful ambiance for your worship as well as helps in releasing stress.

Spill free

The packaging in which we sell our mists is made of durable material. The perfume solution comes in are a multi-layer packaging and transparent lid along with the spray which prevents the solution to spill or leak.

Travel size

These pooja perfumes are available in a small pack of 100ml each which can easily be carried to places as it fits into standard size travel bags.

  • This no alcohol pooja perfume can be used to aromatize your worship place.
  • This is a substitute for the oil base ittar which generally leaves behind stains
  • The product can be used to create a calm and peaceful ambiance before any rituals
  • The soft and coming smells used in this product helping to release stress and therapeutically treat your senses for a fresh start

Why Is Palmist Pooja Perfume Spray Better



 Long-Lasting fragrance

 Natural Extracts

 Sulphate & Paraben Free

 No Harsh Smell

 No Alcohol

X Fades Away Too Soon

X Preservatives

X Contains Chemicals

X Strong Disturbing Smell

X Alcohol Based

The procedure to use this Alcohol Free Pooja Perfume mist is very simple.
How to apply the product

Step1- Open the Transparent lid

Step 2-Place your index figure on the spray fixing

Step3- spray 1-2 times on the entire surface.

Return and Refund Policy


This item is non-returnable due to it being a healthcare product.

However, in the unlikely event of a damaged, defective, or different/wrong item delivered to you, we will provide a full refund or free replacement as applicable. We may contact you to ascertain the damage or defect in the product before issuing a refund/replacement.


This product is strictly for external uses, it should be avoided use in and around the mouth, nose, and ears. Keep it away from fireplaces. It is preferred to be careful while around kids. Do not apply in and around the physical damage or open areas of the skin.


1.Are the contents of the product flammable?

Ans. Though the product does not contain alcohol but keeps the product away from fire.

2.What is the other fragrance available in this product?

Ans. This Palmist perfume product is also available in rose fragrance.

5 reviews for Alcohol Free Sandalwood Pooja Perfume Spray 100 ml

  1. troop solutions

    troop solutions

    natural pooja perfume this products is very nice for daily uses in our house temple

  2. sangeeta yadav

    sangeeta yadav

    best pooja perfume nice smell

  3. vinita gupta

    vinita gupta

    great deal with new product in Indian market i am using palmist pooja perfume daily

  4. pooja mehra

    pooja mehra

    best pooja perfume

  5. mahi mehta

    mahi mehta

    this is a new product in Indian market thanks palmist to launch this item in market i have used this item its a very best quality

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