Best Face & Body Scrub, For Women and Men

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Best Face & Body Scrub For Women and Men


Palmist Best Face & Body Scrub For Women and Men

Palmist Best Face & Body Scrub is made from pure natural extract which includes essential oils and sugar granules. This comes in round packaging. This body scrub does not contain any harmful chemicals and has no sulfate and no paraben. This body scrub is made of pure vegan ingredients and is mixed with an herbal blend of natural plant extracts. The essential oils and sugar help in rejuvenating the skin and moisturizes it. This also helps in smoothing out the hair on our body and makes it soft. This body scrub has antibacterial and antioxidants properties which help in restoring the damaged skin and leave the skin smooth and moisturized. This body scrub is best suited for people with skin that needs exploitation and wants to remove ingrown hair.

Palmist Best Face & Body Scrub

The trusted Palmist Best Face & Body Scrub or Women and Men is an affordable and user-friendly product which helps in achieving a glowing body and skin. This product is very different from the promotional products sold in the market as it is curated with pure and skin friendly substances. As our skin becomes dull due to the collection of dead cells on the top layer of the skin, this product helps in giving freedom from the dead skin matter. The face and body scrub are suitable for all skin types as it is made with natural concentrate derived from plants that are rich in medicinal properties.

Unique features of the Palmist body and face scrub

This body and face scrub is completely made with plant products. the composition of the face and body scrub contains natural sugar and lemon which help in exfoliating the dead skin cells. After exfoliation the skin needs essential elements and vitamins to rejuvenate so, the product is infused with natural essential beauty oils like the tree oil and argan oil that promote growth of new skin cells.  Additionally, the glycerine added in the formulation hydrates the skin and give it a smooth finish. The cream base scrub product is cruelty free and vegan. The product is dermatologically tested safe for skin.

 Net Quantity – single box pack

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EASY TO USE: This body scrub comes with a round packaging which is easy to use.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY: As it is convenient to carry it fits for a perfect travel size package of essentials.

SPILL FREE: As it comes in multi-layer solid packaging and also the product inside it is in the form of dry powder, it is spill-free.

REMOVES INGROWN HAIRS: This body scrub helps in removing the in-grown hairs from the skin.

CLEANS AWAY ALL THE DIRT: This body scrub ensures deep cleaning your skin allows to clean all the excess oil and dirt from the skin.

MOISTURIZES THE SKIN: It helps in cleaning the skin and leaving it moisturized as it includes essential oils.


Benefits of Palmist Body Scrub

Moisturises your skin

This body scrub is made of natural essential oils which helps in moistening the skin and makes it soft.

Removes excess dead skin

Using this body scrub you can moisturize your skin and removes any dead skin at the same time.

Removes ingrown hairs

This body scrub comes with sugar which helps in exfoliating removing ingrown hairs.

Natural plant extract

The fragrances of this face wash come from natural plant extract such as essential oils and sugar

Removes excess oil 

This body scrub ensures removing excess oil and grease as well as moistures your skin.

Pleasant fragrances

The entire ingredient used in it is made of natural extracts and thus has a very pleasant fragrance.

Hero Ingredients


This body scrub contains mint that gives your hand a refreshing feel after using it and helps remove excess oil.


Neem has anti-oxidant properties that help in the cleansing process of the hands perform easily without any harm.


It helps in removing the dead skin and exfoliate the skin while removing the ingrown hairs from our body.


It has moisturizing properties and illuminates the skin by providing essential oils to the skins.

Argon Oil

It helps in moisturizing the skin and also heeling the skin infections, it also deals with acne problems.


It contains tulsi which is an antioxidant and helps in killing all the germs and bacteria.

Feature of Palmist Body Scrub

Moisturizes your skin.

This body scrub helps in smoothing your skin and moisturizes your skin at the same time

Exfoliates the skin

As this body scrub contains herbal extracts mixed with sugar this ensures exfoliating the skin and smoothening it.

Spill free

This comes with multi-layer packaging and a rotatable lid that can be closed when needed.

Removes ingrown hair

This body scrub helps in exfoliating which also helps in removing ingrown hair.

Why Is Palmist Body Scrub Better Than Others



Moistures your skin

Removes ingrown hairs

Natural Plant Extracts

Sulphate & Paraben Free

No Harsh Smell

X Leaves the skin dry

X Not effective enough

X Preservatives 

X Contains Chemicals

X Strong Disturbing Smell

How to use the product

The procedure to use this body scrub is simple, just take the desired amount of product on your palm rubbing it together on your body and rinsing it with water later.

Who can use it?

People of any age group can use these body scrubs and ensure that skin is smooth and moisturized.

Return and Refund Policy

Healthcare Products


This item is non-returnable due to it being a healthcare product.

 However, in the unlikely event of a damaged, defective, or different/wrong item delivered to you, we will provide a full refund or free replacement as applicable. We may contact you to ascertain the damage or defect in the product prior to issuing a refund/replacement.


  1. Why is it important to use a body scrub?

Ans. It is important to use body scrub as it helps in removing the ingrown hair from the skin and prevents all skin-related infections.

  1. Why is palmist body scrub better than the regular body scrub?

Ans. There is no doubt that palmist scrub wash is better than other body scrubs as it contains natural plant extracts which helps in rejuvenating the skin moisturising the skin at the same time.

  1. Does use a Palmist body scrub reduces ingrown hairs? 

Ans. Yes, Palmist body scrub reduces ingrown hair. It helps in moistening the skin as it contains essential oils.

  1. Does using this body scrub damage our skin?

Ans. Palmist body scrub is made up of natural anti-oxidant products which do not let your skin damage while gently removing the excess grease and ingrown hair. It also protects you from causing any skin problems.


This product is strictly for external uses, using it for internal purposes might cause irritation. Do not apply in and around the physical damage or open areas of the skin as it may cause irritation and redness. This product is strictly for washing the face and is not edible.


1 .Do not washes any garments or cotton clothing with this.
2 .In case of very sensitive skin, do not use it on your face                                                      

3. In case of any irritation, consult a doctor.
4. Natural ingredients may also cause irritation in case of any allergy.
5. This product is for external uses only.

6 reviews for Best Face & Body Scrub, For Women and Men

  1. troop solutions

    troop solutions

    I Have used from 6 months palmist body scrub this is natural and really good for skin

  2. sangeeta yadav

    sangeeta yadav

    good product

  3. vinita gupta

    vinita gupta

    seriously Best Face & Body Scrub For Women and Men

  4. pooja mehra

    pooja mehra

    i got it my order this is nice packaging and also nice product thanks for one day delivery

  5. mahi mehta

    mahi mehta

    Best Body Scrub For Women and Men

  6. tony singh

    tony singh

    nice one

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