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Palmist Collapsible Silicone Bowl, Best Portable Travel Bowl, Portable Bowl

The Collapsible Silicone Bowl is an innovative product for storing food and other leftovers. This product is one of its kind as it is good for using at places with low storage spaces. These collapsible bowls are specially made for your travel experiences as they can be compressed when not in use. These collapsible bowls fit into your bags very easily and can be used when needed. These silicone bowls are made with food grade silicone material. This is a multi-purpose product rich can be used for keeping things in the refrigerator or heating the food in microwaves. The product is specially made to make you free from the hassle of finding space to store empty containers and the trouble of finding one when needed. This is a unique daily essential product which makes organizing things easier and affordable.

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The product is available in four colour options

DAILY USE ESSENTIAL: this collapsible storage bowl can be used to set aside or pack leftovers for later consumption.

SPACE SAVING: If not in use, the storage bowl collapse down to ⅓ of their original height for easy storage in a drawer or cupboard,

AIR TIGHT: The product comes with a fully air tight protective lid cover that keeps your food clean and fresh.

LIGHT WEIGHT: The product is light in weight as it is made of silicone.

MICROWAVE, DISHWASHER AND FREEZER SAFE: These Silicone collapsible bowls are Heat Resistant, made of a non-toxic material food grade. Safe for use in Microwave Oven, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe.

MULTI-USE: This is an easy to stretch and fold product. Whether it is for use at home or for an out camping barbecue it comes handy is portable. It has an insulation layer and preservation function for use in microwave for heating food. You can also use it as a storage box, sealed lid cover to helps in retaining freshness and better food preservation.


Non-Toxic Microwave Safe Smart Space organization
Made with non-toxic. Food grade material This product is heat resistant. Can be used for heating food. As it is flexible it can fit into any space when not in use. And is fit for taking a long on travels.

-Remove the lid.

-Fill the clean bowl with whatever you want to store

-Closely cover the lid to retain freshness

-Put the bowl into Microwave for heating contents or slide into your refrigerator for storage.

-When not in use compress and set it aside


Do not expose to direct flame. Direct flame may destroy the product. Only heat in a microwave oven.

Clean or disinfect it before the first time using.


Q1. Is the product breakable?

Ans. The product is not breakable as it is made of silicone.

Q2. Is the item storage efficient?

Ans. the item is storage efficient as it can be easily compressed and kept aside.

Q3. Is it flammable?

Ans. Do not keep the product on direct flame as it can destroy the material and its contents.

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Green, Grey, Light Blue, Orange

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