Hand Sanitizer 5Ltr. Refill Can-pack of 3 can-5Ltr.

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Hand Sanitizer 5Ltr. Refill Can, Alcohol-based Disinfectant, Kills 99.9% Germs


Palmist Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer 5Ltr. (pack of 3 can- 5Ltr each)

Palmist alcohol-based hand sanitizer 5Ltr is a gel-based hand sanitizer that contains 70% alcohol which helps in eliminating the unwanted strong smell of alcohol. These ranges of sanitizers come in a variety of different fragrances such as brace, melon, blueberry, tizuka and its signature fragrance. This Palmist Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer 5Ltr pack of 3 can is perfect for places like lift, car, office, showrooms, and similar places where it is to be constantly. Even though it contains 70% alcohol, it does not leave your skin dry after using it as it has a pure natural extract which deep cleans the skin and hydrates it at the same time.

Hand Sanitizer 5Ltr.

Palmist Hand Sanitizer 5Ltr. Refill Can is an affordable combo pack of 3 can 5Litre each is an exciting deal. This product is the alternative to buying small sanitizer bottles every time you need one. The hand rub product is sold off in multi-layered durable and leak-free packaging with down the risk of spilling or evaporation of the contents. The refill can help in filling small bottles which makes it a sustainable and environment-friendly choice as it reduces the amount of plastic waste. This hand sanitizer formulation is made up of natural plant elements that provide protection as well as nourishment to the skin.

Unique Features

The Palmist hand sanitizer 5-liter refill can is an economic deal for all the people who prefer to deal in bulk quantity products or store such essential utility products for future use. this gel formulation hand sanitizer contains approximately 70% alcohol concentration of the total solution which effectively kills 99.99% of deadly germs and bacteria. The gel-based alcohol formulation of this hand sanitizer that helps in combating the COVID-19 virus also. Our brand is one of the best hand sanitizer manufacturers in India therefore the customers can be assured of the quality of the product. we also deal in wholesale supply and distribution of hand sanitizer essentials, therefore; all our products are priced at an economic rate. To facilitate the customers in buying our products we sell a product through leading websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Number of Cans-3

Quantity: 5 liters each

EASY TO CARRY: These sanitizers come in a shape of a cylindrical bottle which can be holed easily and fits into the bags perfectly as well.

SPILL FREE: It comes in a multi-layer solid packaging which has a pump that can be pushed and closed when needed.

WORKS AS A REFILLER: These 5ltr bottles can be a great refill for small travel size bottles.

KILLS UNWANTED GERMS AND VIRUSES: This is made of 70% alcohol which makes it a perfect solution for providing safety to the hands without damaging them.


Benefits of Palmist Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer 5Ltr

Protects from virus and bacteria

70% of alcohol ensures killing the bacteria and viruses and provides maximum safety from the unwanted viruses.

Reduces risk of catching the virus

Using this sanitizer 99.99% of viruses and bacteria are killed that automatically reduces the risk of catching viruses

Used as a refilled this 5Ltr can

These (5Ltr. Refill Can) can be used to refill the small travel size container

Natural plant extract

All the fragrances of these sanitizers are made up of natural plant extracts such as neem, lemon, brace, and aloe vera.

Long-lasting protection 

This sanitizer’s effect stays for more than 5-6 hrs and its fragrances help to ensure that it lasts long for the customer’s protection.

Natural fragrances

All the fragrances are made from natural plant extract which makes these fragrances herbal.

Hero Ingredients


It is the main product of this sanitizer and helps in cleansing the hands and killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria from the hands.


Neem has anti-oxidant properties that help in the cleansing process of the hands perform easily without any harm.

Aloe vera

It contains different kinds of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help in deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin.


It has moisturizing properties and illuminates the skin by providing essential oils to the skins


It has great cleansing properties which help in the deep cleansing of the hands and also helps in reducing the unfavorable smell.


It is a root plant which helps in providing medical stability to the solution and also gives natural plant fragrances to the solution.

Feature of Palmist hand sanitizer 5ltr can

Available in various fragrances

These sanitizers are in six different fragrances, all made up of natural plant extract.


Odor-free sanitizers

Even though it contains 70% alcohol, other ingredients help in managing the strong smell.


Spill free

This comes with a multi-layer packaging and a transparent lid at the top which protects it from spilling.


Non- Sticky

These sanitizers are non-sticky as it evaporates and leaves no residue on the skin.


Why Is Palmist alcohol based Sanitizers Better Than Others


Kills Germs & Bacteria


Natural Plant Extracts

Sulphate & Paraben Free

No Harsh Smell


X Not Effective

X Fades Away Too Soon

X Preservatives

X Contains Chemicals

X Strong Disturbing Smell

How to use the product

The procedure to use the sanitizer is very easy, the person needs to open up the packing and remove the seal of the can, directly placing their hand over the opening of the bottle and use the desired amount of sanitizer.

Who can use it?

People from any age group can use these sanitizers and protect themselves from viruses and bacteria.

Return and Refund Policy

Healthcare Products


This is a non-returnable item as it being a healthcare product.

However, in the case of any unlikely event of a damaged, defective or different/wrong item delivered to you, we will be providing a full refund or free replacement as applicable. We may contact you to ascertain the damage or defect in the product prior to issuing a refund/replacement.


  1. Is it important to carry sanitizers everywhere we go?

Ans. Yes, in the current times when COVID-19 is spreading it is important that we constantly clean our hands to protect yourselves from viruses and bacteria.

  1. Hands can be cleaned with soap and water as well, then why to use sanitizers?

Ans. There is no doubt that hands can be washed by soap and water but usually, when we are out it is not convenient that it is available wherever we go, therefore sanitizers is a great alternative to kill germs and bacteria.

  1. Does using sanitizers damage our hands?

Ans. Palmist range of sanitizers is made up of natural anti-oxidant products which do not let your hand damage and protect at the same time.

  1. Is Palmist Sanitizer Reducing Chance Of Infection?

Ans. Yes, Palmist Hand Sanitizer reduces the chances of infection.

  1. What happens when the sanitizer spills on unwanted places?

Ans. As the sanitizer contains 70% alcohol when it spills it immediately evaporates into the air within 2-3 minutes.


This product is strictly for external uses, it should be avoided to use in and around the mouth, nose and ears. Keep it away from fireplaces. It is preferred to be careful while around kids. Do not apply in and around the physical damage or open areas of the skin.


1 . This product contains alcohol and can evaporate if left in the open.
2 . In the case of very sensitive skin, do not use it on the skin other than the palm.
3. Do not use it near a fireplace as it may catch fire.
4. Natural ingredients may also cause irritation in case of any allergy.
5. This product is for external uses only and should be kept in cool and dry places only.

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