Palmist Lens Cleaner Spray, lens cleaner spray bottle Combo Pack 18ml


Palmist Lens Cleaner for Spectacles; Lens Cleaner Liquid Spray for DSLR Cameras; For Contact Lenses, Eye Glasses, Laptops, Cellphon


Palmist lens cleaner spray bottle, spectacle lens cleaning solution, 18ml Each (Set Of 4 Bottles)

The Palmist lens cleaner spray is a wonderful lens cleansing product that provides effective cleanliness for your highly delicate optical lenses and products. The lens cleaning fluid is completely non-sticky and gives a sparkling clear lets Lance with every use. The product is a multipurpose product as it helps in cleaning all kinds of optical and camera lenses. This cleanser spray gives a spotless clean screen and due to its non-corrosive nature, it does not damage the screen or result in scratches on them. This can be used for cleaning mobile phone screens, laptop screen, and sensitive DSLR camera lenses. it gives the best results when used with a microfiber cloth.

Features of the lens cleanser

Palmist lens cleanser spray comes in compact packaging that is made of a durable plastic material. As the product is handy it is ideal for taking along for travels. This fluid is specifically made with the most effective and non-greasy materials that can easily help in getting rid of dust and tough stains. The fine mist spray mechanism provided with the small size card bottle equally spreads the cleaning fluid on the required surface and dries up easily. It can easily remove fingerprint stains, water stains, and dirt from the optical lens. Whereas the long-lasting shelf life of the product makes it a value for money product. And the affordable price at which it is sold makes it readily available for use by all kinds of people.

Set of 4 card bottles net quantity 18ml each.

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EFFORTLESS CLEANING: it gives a sparkling clean optical surface with every use. Removes fingerprint marks and water marks

POCKET SIZE: The product is small and handy. It can be taken along in small spaces

NON-STICKY: This cleaner is non-sticky and dries immediately after use

LEAK PROOF: the lens cleaner is filled in a fine sturdy container, that prevents accidental spilling

FINE SPRAY: The atomizer spray evenly spreads the liquid on the lens surface

SCRATCH FREE: Does not causes scratches to appear on the delicate lens glass


  • The product is useful in cleaning lens surface of camera, phone
  • It works well for spectacle lenses
  • Can be used on laptop screens also

TIP: Works best with a microfibre cloth



Does not leaves any damage signs or scratches on the sensitive screen/lens


100% effective in clearing off the marks from lens/optical glass

LONG Lasting

The product lasts for a long time. Has a shelf-life up of approximately 36 months


Helps in removing dirt and dust The mild disinfectant solution removes tough stains and marks


Stain free


Quick dry


Long shelf-life

X Leave stains/scratches

X Sticky

X Do not dry easily

X Overtly expensive

X Lesser shelf-life

Return and Refund Policy


However, in the unlikely event of a damaged, defective, or different/wrong item delivered to you, we will provide a full refund or free replacement as applicable. We may contact you to ascertain the damage or defect in the product before issuing a refund/replacement. the customer can apply to return the product within 6-7 days after the order has been delivered.


This product is strictly for external uses, it should be avoided use in and around the mouth, nose, and ears. Keep it away from fireplaces. It is preferred to be careful while around kids. Do not apply in and around the physical damage or open areas of the skin.

  1. Does the product leave the lens wet?

Ans. No, this is a quick dry product. Dries instantaneously

  1. Is the product available in combo?

Ans. Yes, the product is available in various combos.


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