Transparent Refillable Fine Mist Spray Empty Bottle 300ml Pack



Transparent Refillable Fine Mist Spray Empty Bottle 300ml Pack

The Palmist Transparent Refillable Fine Mist Spray Empty Bottle 300ml Pack is an exciting commercial product deal pack. The mist spray bottles, also known in the market as liquid atomizer bottles or spritzer bottles are an ideal choice for converting liquids to mist form. This empty, refill spray bottle is best used for spraying or atomizing water, liquid alcohol products, surface disinfectant, cleaning products, perfume or other liquids. These are specifically made for non-corrosive liquids. The clear plastic fine mist spray comes with an airtight cap, empty bottle is for all your needs. It is a convenient to utilize spray available in portable size

MULTI-USE: The empty refillable and fine mist bottle, is incredible for use at home, washroom, kitchen, for aromatherapy and for your travel. It can be put to use for storing clinical liquor, fundamental beauty oils, liquor hand disinfectant rub, and all cleaning, cooking purposes. Please do not use the spray bottles near high temperature places or direct flame.

PURSE-SIZE: The compact size bottles easily fit into your baggage or pockets. as one can pack only a limited number of accessories, the spray bottles easily squeeze in your luggage or purse for your travel and business trip. these can be also taken on the airplane.

LEAKAGE free: The clear plastic mist spray bottle has a tight screw thread on the bottle mouth, it has a tight and secure cap closure can avoid liquid spill.

UNBREAKABLE: The clear plastic used to make this product with good quality plastic.

More Details

Colour: Transparent

Material: Plastic

Shape: Round

Capacity: 300ml each

Type: Mist / Sprayer

Set of 5 Bottles


  • This user-friendly product comes in an affordable price and can be used for multiple purposes and at various places. This product can convert all the liquid products to a mist form.
  • Can be used at households and for commercial sale purpose.


This product is strictly for external uses, it should be kept away from the reach of children. It may have small parts that should not be taken in and around the mouth, nose, and ears. Keep it away from fireplaces. Direct flame can destroy the product. It is preferred to be careful while around kids.


The return policy of the company states that if a customer has received a damaged or different product than what was ordered, the customer can apply to return the product within 6-7 days after the order has been delivered.

The customer should make sure that the product they returned to the executive should be unused and should have a valid bill.

If the product is used by the customer, the customers should tell the executive the concerned problem related to the product.

After the product has been returned, it would take 5 to 6 days to deliver a new product to resolve the issue of customer.


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